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Mission is to establish the first ever national bank owned by black people in America, serving the needs of our communities with jobs and economic empowerment.

Our organization focuses on creating jobs, providing decent affordable housing and teaching people self-sufficiency.

 Infinity Building Economics  is one of the first well rounded and holistic home building, manufacturing and collective investment systems to serve our previously under served communities in America. Our focus is on credit counseling, home ownership, business ownership and manufacturing. We plant the seeds for education, job creation and individual self-worth that will enhance personal and economic growth. We seek to rebuild, grow and transform our communities and change the lives of the people who live here.

Our community faces the same obsticles while we build an economic system where we can provide for ourselves, have a voice over our future, make sure our children future is secure and our seniors won't have to struggle just to servive.

Are you prepared to take control of your life and remove the circumstances which puts our community in a state of poverty, injustices, and our children in mortal danger from a cruel and mean world? OR

Are you like the five virgins who came unprepared and be always dependent on others to provide for you and control what you do, where you go, when you go, and fix the situations you're in? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!

God has given us a brand new year, another chance to HELP OURSELVES out of our poor circumstances. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never be ours, we must take action right now, while the opportunity is at hand to get UNITY IN OUR COMMUNITY and take control of our destiny.

Click on the Textile Factories page and  look at our online mall and see what our organization INFINILITY BUILDING ECONOMIC BLACK POLITICAL ACTION is doing to create opportunities for our community. In this organization you become business owners, not employees.

To have a vested interest in this organization click on the IBEBPAC link below under general contact information.

IBEB/PAC LLC Activity Centers:


Want to buy a house but need to fix your credit?

Start fixing it here!

In today's housing market the opportunity to buy a house is very costly and if you have less than average credit, it's impossible. Most credit fixing systems cost is from $79 up. However, there is a financial system which has a credit system at the cost of $14.99 per month and more products to help people manage their finances. For more detailed information please contact Alphonso Simons at  Office 908-325-6700
Mobile 908-265-1255

To find affordable and decent housing click below. The rent to own program enable you to pay off your bills while building your credit score. If you're seeking to own your own house but have poor credit, contact Alphonso Simons at the number above. Don't create another dept.

 Job & Business Opportunities:


Weekly conference calls are Wednesday & Thursday.

All calls: 9pm EDT, 8pm CDT, 7pm MDT, and 6pm PDT

Wednesday night's Empowerment call  1 (760) 984-1000 pin 423351#


Thursday night's Business/Legacy call 1 (712) 775-7200, Pin #: 113866#



NJ residents:


Reason : IBE/B-PAC Empowerment live meeting


At 12:00pm to 2:00pm EST every Saturday I will host a Bread Breaking meeting. I am reaching out to those who will to join me. It only takes a few like minded people to do great things to make good things happen. In NJ and Florida we have started our factories, in our homes, but never the less they are productive.  Infinity Head to Toe sewing factory-NJ and Infinity Head to Toe Sewing Factory-Fla


This meet will cover


  1. Our organization INFINITY BUILDING ECONOMIC BLACK POLITICAL ACTION Committees’ mission and membership options.
  2. NJ Green Team Project Setup
  3. The Bread Breaking weekly meeting.
  4. Green Supremacy
    1. Pooling our $’s with at least 10 people you know as a resource to own our own homes. We have so many people in homeless shelters and with the high cost of renting, we can expect more. To learn more about this idea, please, if weather permits, come to the meetings.
    2. The Solar System and the business opportunities it could create.

5.    Trusts

Florida residents:  April meeting will be rescheduled, new date will be announced.


Check out, where you will find information and where our online shopping mall is found and
where you can plan you vacations, business or any trips you wish.

 Conference Calls and Face to Face meetings


Founder/CEO, Pleasant Stephen

Thursday night business conference call, (712) 775-7200, access 113866#.

  1. Reducing your energy bill or getting off the grid completely. The solar system and how to get started, what you can do to protect your property (every thing you own) from being stolen from you, Blog Talk Radio, It’s My House, daily call at 10:30am EST, (619) 768-2945. Host: L A Davis
  2. Learning what your rights are, 7 laws we must know. Jury Prudent, study of the law of nature, the order of law, knowledge of things

The science of what is right and wrong

The 3 rules of law

            Shut up, Be quiet, and don’t say anything

Black People Law

Law is War

                                    The People Law Study Group, Monday nights at 8pm EST

(712) 432-1212, access 668332000#,

Host: Warren Houston

  1. Know Thy Self, Sunday nights at 8pm EST, (347) 633-9282.


2015 Goals

  • Initiating the solar energy system through conversion
  • Break Bread meet – Co-op
  • Creating revolving funding
  • Solar system training

To get your questions answered go to or email our Founder/CEO, Pleasant Stephens at or call (773) 577-9656, Alzora Laster-Odhiambo (908) 397-5259 or email me at


Let's do what we need to stop the injustices against our Black communities and most of all let us stop the violence to each other because we are making ourselves targets, it is ugly and is getting us nowhere very fast.

Note: To do anything that will give us a voice in our and our children future, we must have an vested interest in the justice system, the government and have a economic system in place.


Looking forward to meeting you all.

Gov Alzora Laster-Odhiambo

For more information call Alzora at (908) 397-5259 or email me at

Our 2014 Summit is fast approaching. Please start saving for this AMAZING EVENT!
The Summit is from October 3&4, 2015.
Stay tuned for further Summit details.



Transportation: Prices subject to change!

We require all garments to display this logo.


 Infinity Textile Sewing Factory

Made In America  


We also make the red, green and black flag (2ft X 3ft for $24.99+shipping) to represent Africa. If you want to order one, please send an email to   As most of you may know, we had a grand opening event for our factory this past October in Chicago...what an emotional event it was, because with God we are actually achieving our mission and vision.

 I have also included the application that needs to be filled out and sent back so we can apply to the National Credit Union Association for our charter.  We need 100+ signatures for them to issue our charter, so we are asking everyone to fill out this form and send it back to P. O. Box 17168, Chicago, IL 60617.  We thank you for your support. 

52 E. 110
th Place 
  Chicago, IL 60628

Information: 773-356-5643
Main: 773-577-9656


A View into the future Fashion show  

Our Textile Factories

Our HEAD TO TOE Textile Sewing factory  meets every Saturday at 12:00pm CDT at

We have outgrown our current facility after only being there for 9 months. This new location will be able to house more seamstresses and our credit union also (scheduled for a ground opening event by 10/14).  Our new HEAD TO TOE TEXTILE SEWING FACTORY address is 52 East 110th Place, Chicago, Ill 60628.




Our Annual Summit meets the 1st week of October in Chicago, 

Please start making your plans to attend now.


 To get information about the state you live in call (773) 356-5643.



P.O. Box 17168

Chicago, IL. 60617

Home Office: (773) 577-9656

For information: (773) 356-5643 


                                           Office Hours: Monday - Friday 11:00AM to 6:00PM CST

 New Jersey Branch Governor:

 Ms. Alzora Odhiambo
 Cell:(908) 397-5259

           Home and Business: (908) 397-5259

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